There are some doubts on it, but because:

Zak Greant:
>     (...) I don't
>     see how it could hurt to try. :)

And the main advantage is:
>     I just want a way to more
>     easily keep track of what is going on. :)

In fact, it is not so different from discussion on php-dev (it's only an
addition, only important pieces and new opinions are selected to come into
the RFC (the updating I was talking about - IMO extremely important -
without that, it's better to not start with it)).
An RFC can and should start out as very small&simple, just like an email :-)

The fact they are numbered and stored easily, not mixed up with off-topic
discussion like Zend Licencing issues ;-), eases the discussion IMO, and
prevents endless repetetion of the same arguments.

So, I think it should be given try, to start with, create a CVS module
php-rfc, and add come rules there? Voting etc can be either implemented
later (there's no hurry), or will be held the old way: by mail on php-dev.


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