This guy claims that PHP has been 'left in the dust' by ASP.NET. Any truth
in that observation? Has anyone tried it (ASP.NET and the whole .NET


>From the article:

There will be Apache defenders who will bristle at the suggestion that it is
a vanilla webserver. Look at PHP, they will say. PHP actually has greater
market share than ASP. You can build fantastic web applications with PHP at
a fraction of the cost of any commercial alternatives, including Microsoft.

 That's great, but when will PHP grow to become something more than a web
scripting language? Where is the PHP enterprise component architecture? What
about clustering and failover? Where are the WSDL and UDDI implementations?
Don't show me bits and pieces here and there. Show me a framework. Show me a
reference implementation. Show me a friendly interface. Not there yet? So
PHP has been left in the dust as well, while ASP is morphing into ASP.NET,
the browser delivery front-end of the Microsoft web services platform.

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