> > Where are the WSDL and UDDI implementations?
>   What are WSDL and UDDI? Are there libraries out there can be
>   wrapped into an extension?

I didn't know myself until now but UDDI stands for "Universal Description
Discovery and Integration". It has to do with 'managing the discovery of web
services'. Some sort of automated data interchange it seems.


>   But I fear that there is truth in this. We should analyze what,
>   besides the upcoming changes on the language level (with the
>   Zend Engine 2.0), we need to make PHP compatible with ASP.NET.

I've just got the MSDN cd pack, including the beta 2 of Visual Studio.NET.
That beast comes on 4 CDs and I was afraid that my machine wouldn't be good
enough for it. But I'm going to install it just to see what all this .NET
thing is about.

>   Maybe Zend has some feedback from their enterprise clients on
>   what features are requested, etc.

It would be great to hear if anyone else has had a chance to play with the
new Microsoft toys.


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