On Wed, 15 Aug 2001, Brian Moon wrote:

> Could someone please tell me what other then marketing speak that .NET has
> on PHP?  I guess I just don't see it.  I mean, yeah, if you want to develop
> junk at a fast pace you can use MS products.  I was a VB programmer for
> years.  I know the reliability and performance cost of doing things the MS
> way.  I just don't get it.  It is all 1's and 0's.

What does .NET have on PHP? I was going to write a long diatribe about the
kinds of programmers there are in the world and why some need to drive
fast, expensive and impressive sounding cars when the others just find the
most appropriate means of transport... but it doesn't really matter.

.NET is just another commercial phenomena aiming to achieve what all
commercial phenomena do: capture the market, make lots of money, control
the future direction of the market etc. But for the most part, this is
irrelevant to PHP. It is only important when people begin to ask, am I
betting my future as a programmer on the wrong thing? Whether you're a PHP
user, a .NET guru or both the answer is probably. But PHP is already
remarkably successful, PHP cannot go away. .NET at present is just a
vortical riot of opinion, choreographed by idiots.

So what does .NET have on PHP? Marketing hype, nothing else. Open Source
systems have always shown that they can quickly evolve and match new
technologies introduced into the industry. If .NET offers anything
properly useful to developers, we will no doubt see it refined,
conceptually, and implemented in open programmatic systems.


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