On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Jani Taskinen wrote:

> Why are you not willing to give support to something
> YOU have created ??? This is ridiculous.

    Jani, may I bring the following points to your careful

    1. Directing questions to a mailing list increases the size
    of the audience for a specific issue, which usually results
    in improved response times.  A user who had similar
    experience might be able to help out the questioner.  That
    happens frequently and is the base for huge mailing lists
    such as php-general.

    2. Knowledge is automatically shared.  Storing the contents
    of those mailing lists will enable users to retrieve specific
    pieces of information instantly.

    These are the primary reasons why I direct questions to
    mailing lists.  It improves the overall user experience.

    - Sascha                                     Experience IRCG
      http://schumann.cx/                http://schumann.cx/ircg

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