> I couldn't find email archives for that IRCG mailing list,
> (which subscribe info / mailing address you might wanna mention in that
> README.txt file too), so I don't know how much of this 'knowledge' is
> really shared on it.

    When I find a free minute, I'll setup Jim's NNTP-based system.

> I found only couple emails on php-general..
> to which you haven't ever replied.

    I'm pretty sure that people would want me to work on software
    in my spare free time rather than trying to keep up with the
    huge amounts of unrelated email on php-general.

> Also, adding remarks like this isn't giving very positive
> 'feeling' about you or your software. I wouldn't use anything
> that basicly says "Don't ask me if this shit doesn't work
> ask the other dumbasses who try to use it."

    Please feel free to propose an improved version of the
    language which can be currently found in the readme file.

> So you're absolutely right on that. But I also answer to most
> of the support questions send to me privately. It would be
> really rude not to.

    I would ask you to refrain from indicating that other people
    may act 'rude' when you evidently and regularly shout at them.

> That makes it pretty special extension and that's why
> it does not need to be distributed with the base PHP distro.

    There are no objective criteria regarding this matter and
    thus there is absolutely no basis for your request.

    - Sascha                                     Experience IRCG
      http://schumann.cx/                http://schumann.cx/ircg

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