On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Sterling Hughes wrote:

>       I see no reason to put them in at the language level -- PEAR seems a
>       suitable place for the extensions (once pear is setup).  They're not
>       really used that commonly (from what I can see).  Also, these
>       extensions are not the only way to process payments with PHP, plenty
>       of sites do it different ways (I processed payments with PHP before
>       these extensions existed).

I'm not sure it's fair to say that something isn't used commonly when the
awareness level and the length of time the extension has been in (stable)
existance is rather small. I also processed payments with PHP before these
extensions existed, but that doesn't preclude their use in the future. Much
consolidation has already taken place in the online payments arena, and the
libraries have matured quite a bit, supporting much more interesting things
than can be done with a cross-posting HTML form.

Anyway, what Zeev says is correct, if the extra 100KB is reason enough, there
is no reason they can't be shipped seperately, as long as the pear utilities
are rather transparent to the user. If this is the case, I would venture to say
that most database extensions should also be shipped seperately, with two or
three exceptions.



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