On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Sascha Schumann wrote:

> > I found only couple emails on php-general..
> > to which you haven't ever replied.
>     I'm pretty sure that people would want me to work on software
>     in my spare free time rather than trying to keep up with the
>     huge amounts of unrelated email on php-general.

I'm pretty sure Jani meant postings regarding with IRCG, and those are
still postings by users of the software you wrote. I wouldn't call that
"unrelated email".

> > So you're absolutely right on that. But I also answer to most
> > of the support questions send to me privately. It would be
> > really rude not to.
>     I would ask you to refrain from indicating that other people
>     may act 'rude' when you evidently and regularly shout at them.

Some people need to be shouted too, before they awake. And if users don't
get replies on there questions with software you wrote, they are going to
abandon it.

> > That makes it pretty special extension and that's why
> > it does not need to be distributed with the base PHP distro.
>     There are no objective criteria regarding this matter and
>     thus there is absolutely no basis for your request.

Besides IRCG, there are more extensions that are very special (like the
credit card extensions, and IMO they should be moved to PEAR too. But as
IRCG is indeed very special and only works met thttpd AFAIK, it definitely
should belong in PEAR.


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