Hi George, actually what I meant when I said to send mail to php-dev was
that you should describe your actual extensions.  General-purpose
extensions that really would be useful to a wide audience are good
candidates for inclusion, although there has been a push to start the
process of moving some of this stuff out into PEAR, especially for new


On Mon, 27 Aug 2001, George Schlossnagle wrote:

> Hi,
> I was interested in what the process of contributiing extensions to php
> is.  I'm a author/maintainer of a couple existing and soon-to-be php
> extensions and was curious about how to get them evaluated for inclusion
> as part of the existing 'ext' extension structure and just what the
> general processes involved with that are.
> George
> 1024D/1100A5A0/1370 F70A 9365 96C9 2F5E  56C2 B2B9 262F 1100 A5A0

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