> If you think it would have a significant audience (i.e., more than you :)
> then we can add it in.

Makes sense, I guess it's usefulness is what's up for debate.

> >Dan Cowgill and I have a tracing/profiling/debugging extension which we
> >would be quite interested in having included in php.  Code available from
> >http://apc.communityconnect.com/sources/apd-cvs.tar.gz
> >
> Due to the mutual exclusive nature of zend_extension's (extensions that
> modify the engine's behavior), we don't store these inside the PHP source
> tree.  As it came up in the past, we can (and probably should) put up a
> directory of such extensions on php.net.  All we need is someone to
> volunteer to do that.

I volunteer my efforts.  I think the full extension API is very useful and a
great addition to the language and that it would be nice to have a good
repository for such extensions.


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