At 08:10 28-08-01, George Schlossnagle wrote:
>I have a php interface to the spread group communication toolkit client 
>api.  Hard to say how wide it's audience would be, but it's very useful 
>for creating distributed applications (it was written to facilitate some 
>distributed logging and distributed filesystem caching needs).  Code 
>available from

If you think it would have a significant audience (i.e., more than you :) 
then we can add it in.

>Dan Cowgill and I have a tracing/profiling/debugging extension which we 
>would be quite interested in having included in php.  Code available from 
>Also, there is our APC caching project, which has become pretty mature now 
>.  It has a relatively large following and I think it would benefit php to 
>have a free bundled compiler cache with it (not to mention benefit from 
>the much larger developer base).  Code available from 

Due to the mutual exclusive nature of zend_extension's (extensions that 
modify the engine's behavior), we don't store these inside the PHP source 
tree.  As it came up in the past, we can (and probably should) put up a 
directory of such extensions on  All we need is someone to 
volunteer to do that.


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