At 16:37 08-09-01, Jim Jagielski wrote:
>Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> >
> > > Using obscure single character operators is simply something that we 
> don't
> > > do in PHP, it's totally inconsistent with the language.
> >
> > You know I hate magic more than most.  I have lobbied against it forever.
> > However, sometimes you need to conform with the underlying 3rd-party
> > mechanism you are connecting to.
> >
>If only for migration purposes. If someone knows the technology, then
>we don't want to force another "interface" to it, and if they don't,
>then providing a "different" interface to it to insulate them from
>the real magic does them, IMO, a disservice.

By that logic, PHP should be the supermarket of all other 
languages.  Theory aside, if we look into the actual issue at hand:
- I think it's a fair and safe assumption to make that there are a lot more 
PHP users who are not familiar with gettext at all than those who are.
- I think it's a fair and safe assumption to make that out of those who do 
use gettext, a large number had no prior knowledge of other languages, 
and/or of gettext in other languages.
- Out of the small remaining number of people who do use gettext *and* are 
used to working with it in other languages *and* used _() in that other 
language, none of them will be disappointed to find _() missing, because if 
they really miss it, they can create it in a second.  Just like they do in 
C, by the way.

On the other hand, when the rest of the PHP users come across scripts using 
_(), they're completely stumped.  It doesn't look like a function, it's 

Weighting the pros and cons is an easy call in my opinion.  The *only* 
issue I see here is downwards compatibility (which can be solved, as it has 
been solved numerous times in the past, and especially as this function was 
never directly documented).


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