Agreed, but is the speed loss really worth crying about? It is negligible
calling a userspace function versus an internal compared to the greater work
that the typical PHP script does. Hell, it's negligible compared to the work
gettext does! Nevertheless, your point is made and is fair at that. I
propose tackling the problem as mentioned in my previous email, by devising
a new runtime function aliasing system ala C #DEFINE style. This can satisfy
all parties involved, and while it won't be the easiest solution, I think it
will be the most beneficial in future problems of similar nature.


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On Fri, 07 Sep 2001, Cristopher Daniluk wrote:
> Again, as mentioned before, this is suitable:
> function _($string) { return gettext($string); }
> once in your code. Voila, now you can still have your short cut, and we
> still have our consistent naming structure. Sure, it would be an
> at first, but I personally believe it is worth it. We don't lose anything
> other than maybe 5 minutes of confusion after upgrading. By making it VERY
> clear in the release update, we can avoid major headache. For what it's
> worth:

Having a user-space alias such as this will make the i18n'ed programs
run slower.


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