Just to add my few £0.02 to this discussion :)

_() just doesnt make sense to anyone who hasnt used gettext() which tbh is
probably the vast majority of the comunity, I have seen _ in the function
lists and Zend and Harmuts site and just thought it was a querk somewhere..
_() to me looks like some sort of Perlish operator, the fact that gettext in
C allows you to use it doesnt make it right for PHP, the gettext obviously
have a different naming system to PHP.
I would say that it clutters the namespace and is ugly and there is no
reason for it to be there, if you are worried about performance then try
running this on your file after you have coded it:

sed -e's%_(%gettext(%g' file.php >temp' cp temp $file

OK its a pain in the arse to do every time but tbh I think that echo is used
a lot more so lets make echo aliased as ^(.....) oh and perhaps we should
have sprintf as *() and dont forget while.. I bet perople get bored of
typing that so lets make it >(conditional expreesion) { ................}
and perhsps we then need some for switch and if I think ? and < would be
good candidates for them, right now as mysql is the main database used with
PHP lets save people some typing but loosing the mysql_ infront of it and
have connect, query, fetch_array.. but that might be unfair on the pgsql
users so lets add a special operator as the first line of the script which
can choose between pg or mysql maybe somthing like %m or %p.. then we could
have a great looking script like the following:

$dc = connect("blah","blah");

$sql = "SELECT * FROM "._("lang table");

$r = query($sql);

>($row = fetch_array($r))


I personally think that looks quite good.. Ive even managed to save myself
typing a whole 27 characters.. now I can type at 30 odd words a min..
average length 5 letters.. thats a whole 5.4 seconds do you really think
loosing readability is that worth it, most people can type fast enough so
that gettext makes very little timewise to _(, its more readable and
promotes good code rather than lazyness.

- James

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