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> Don't forget to attach the message to the list.
> Regarding the frameworks, which of them, for your opinion, will take the
> fastest time to learn and get into code?

Generally speaking if something is fast to learn it is also the first to run 
out of steam. If it doesn't have more features than you can learn in five 
minutes the it doesn't have enough features to do anything useful, or with 
any degree of flexibility.

Tony Marston

> Thanks
> On Sun, Mar 22, 2009 at 5:59 PM, Graham Christensen <
> graham.christen...@iamgraham.net> wrote:
>> Look into Doctorine &|| Propel, they both will take a db structure ->
>> models. Symfony might be worth looking at, you can tell it to create a 
>> basic
>> view/controller for them as well.
>> Graham
>> On Mar 22, 2009, at 11:52 AM, Nitsan Bin-Nun wrote:
>>  Hi Guys,
>>> I have been using cakephp for a while as a development framework.
>>> I'm also thinking for a while to use another framework and leave cakephp
>>> alone (too much babbling.. it takes too much time until you get to the
>>> code
>>> itself..), now I have decided to move on and here comes my question.
>>> Do you have any suggestions on frameworks which have something similar 
>>> to
>>> the cakephp's "bake" function? (you create your database tables 
>>> structure,
>>> run bake.php from ssh and kaboom! you have model/view/controller for 
>>> each
>>> of
>>> the tables: insert, delete, modify, list data).
>>> I know it is possibile in ROR but never heard of any other framework or
>>> development library or anything like that in php except cakephp that 
>>> gives
>>> you this functionallity.
>>> Thanks in Advance,
>>> Nitsan

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