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Regarding the frameworks, which of them, for your opinion, will take the
fastest time to learn and get into code?

Generally speaking if something is fast to learn it is also the first to run out of steam. If it doesn't have more features than you can learn in five minutes the it doesn't have enough features to do anything useful, or with any degree of flexibility.


I changed the subject because I did not want to steal Nitsan's thread.
There seem to be a ton of frameworks, one-click installation web applications, the latest and greatest wiz-bang applications out there. I find myself extremely reluctant to dig into these code sets. It seems when I do attempt to use one of these pre-coded applications I end up eventually wanting to modify the code outside of the original extent of the project. Invariably I get frustrated and end up wishing I initially begun the development from scratch. Employers seem to be wanting me to have experience with all kinds of 'gimicky' solutions, but I am reluctant to be constantly learning new applications (that i'd prefer to rewrite myself). Am I just being hard headed and reluctant to change, or is my stance justified? I suppose the answer is the middle-path. That is, read some new projects, take the bits I like, leave the bits I don't, etc...The problem is this isn't very marketable. But I suppose, the proof is in the pudding. What a banal way to end an email, eh?

What are your thoughts in regard to these two forces: wiz-bang frameworks vs. raw php development?

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