At 5:33 PM -0400 4/22/09, PJ wrote:
Well, I'm making a page to do limited searching of the database. To keep
it simple I just want to search by title, author,  ISBN or copyright
date. So, I need to input the user's choice, limit it to one of the
options and pass the supplied parameter to the query. I prefer to not
use Javascript. No need to disable stuff as that was merely a
misdirected thought. I think Ashley's suggestion should work. My problem
has been to understand the workings of the form inputs. Now, I'm just
anticipating some acrobatic feats to be able to pass the author
parameters to the query as they are comprised of two fields (first_name
and last_name). But, I think that that can be done, at worst, by doing a
different query just for the author.


The user has to enter something in to do a search right? So why not use what they enter as the type of search they what?

Like so:

Here a user can search for a Last name, first name, or email. Note, there's no checkboxes because the user indicates what they are searching for by where they place their search criteria.



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