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 >>> tedd wrote:
 >>>  > http://php1.net/a/edit-db-demo/
 >Hmmmm.... I've looked at your demo and, frankly, don't see it working.
When I enter names and click on one of the search buttons, I don't get
sane results. For instance, entering Johnson in last name and John in
first name, I click on search first name and I get an entry from page R
for first name John and Last name Raab. Doesn't make sense.


Okay, if you enter "Johnson" in the last name text box and click the "Search Last Name" button, the demo will provide you with a record that has "Johnson" as the last name.

Likewise, if you enter "John" in the first name text-box and click the "Search First Name" button, the demo will provide you with a record that has "John" as the first name.

Both of those work --  so, where's the confusion?

Apparently you want to enter "Johnson" in the last name text box and "John" in the first name text box and then click something to find that specific name right? Well, the demo is not set-up that way -- there is no "Click here and I'll find the specific person who has this first and last name".

The demo is set up to search for first OR last name OR email address. It also provides a way to sort the records such that one can sequentially step any sort made on first-name/last-name; or last-name/first-name; or email address.

It only does what it says it does. Did you review the instructions at the bottom?



Tedd, nice looking contact demo thingy.. but PJ has a point. ;-) It would make the app perhaps more intuitive if one could just type text in any of the 3 fields and then spit out results that match all of the comparisons that are not blank by clicking one button.

.. not to take away from what you have done, but perhaps a future
evolution of the demo.


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