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tedd wrote:

 Here a user can search for a Last name, first name, or email. Note,
 there's no checkboxes because the user indicates what they are
 searching for by where they place their search criteria.


Thanks Tedd,
Your demod uses javascript and I don't really want to use javascript.
Apparently it is more open to hacking than just plain PHP/MySQL.  ??
Also, I seem to have things going fairly well - it's a neat way to learn
coding, especially when adjusting for things you hadn't planned in
advance, like if the user forgets to enter data or doesn't click on the
radio button. And then implementing the warnings and reloading (or not
reloading the page) to keep the data entered upon omission or
unacceptable entries. Get's hairy sometimes, but it's quite
enlightening. ;-)

Come-on, my demo uses a single javascript routine to ask the user IF they want to delete something. If javascript is turned off, my demo still works. This is just an example of enhancement with graceful degradation. It has nothing to do with the demo other than that.

The point of my showing you the demo was to simply suggest that you forgo the checkboxes and go straight to the "Search" entry. After all, that tells you everything you want to know about what the user wants to do, right?

Why have the user click a checkbox showing that they want to search for a book title and then also have then enter in the book title? Why not just have them enter the book title and be done with it?

It might serve you well to rethink what you are wanting to do.




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