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> tedd wrote:
>> At 4:58 PM -0400 4/23/09, PJ wrote:
>>>  >>> tedd wrote:
>>>  >>>  >
>>>  >>>
>>>  >Hmmmm.... I've looked at your demo and, frankly, don't see it
>>> working.
>>> When I enter names and click on one of the search buttons, I don't get
>>> sane results. For instance, entering Johnson in last name and John in
>>> first name, I click on search first name and I get an entry from page R
>>> for first name John and Last name Raab. Doesn't make sense.
>> PJ:
>> Okay, if you enter "Johnson" in the last name text box and click the
>> "Search Last Name" button, the demo will provide you with a record
>> that has "Johnson" as the last name.
>> Likewise, if you enter "John" in the first name text-box and click
>> the "Search First Name" button, the demo will provide you with a
>> record that has "John" as the first name.
>> Both of those work --  so, where's the confusion?
>> Apparently you want to enter "Johnson" in the last name text box and
>> "John" in the first name text box and then click something to find
>> that specific name right? Well, the demo is not set-up that way --
>> there is no "Click here and I'll find the specific person who has
>> this first and last name".
>> The demo is set up to search for first OR last name OR email address.
>> It also provides a way to sort the records such that one can
>> sequentially step any sort made on first-name/last-name; or
>> last-name/first-name; or email address.
>> It only does what it says it does. Did you review the instructions at
>> the bottom?
>> Cheers,
>> tedd
> Tedd, nice looking contact demo thingy.. but PJ has a point. ;-)  It
> would make the app perhaps more intuitive if one could just type text
> in any of the 3 fields and then spit out results that match all of the
> comparisons that are not blank by clicking one button.
> .. not to take away from what you have done, but perhaps a future
> evolution of the demo.
> Donovan
Exactly. I expected to get all instances of Johnson or of John but I got
only 1 and I saw that there were others, so that didn't seem right.
And, if I may point out, the instructions are not available if js is not
enabled O:-)   so that leaves only intuition to decipher things
especially if you only want to do a search.

BTW - I seem to have solved the problem of filtering the inputs. Was
rather simple: just use one form for each search.
And to avoid using @ for the error of $_POST['select'] one just has to
declare one just has to declare
$_POST['submit'] = ""; at top of script. :-)  (I'm learning, I'm
learning) - now I have to check it all out.

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