tedd wrote:
> At 10:11 AM -0400 4/23/09, PJ wrote:
>> tedd wrote:
>>  > http://php1.net/a/edit-db-demo/
>>>  Here a user can search for a Last name, first name, or email. Note,
>>>  there's no checkboxes because the user indicates what they are
>>>  searching for by where they place their search criteria.
>>>  HTH's
>>>  tedd
>> Thanks Tedd,
>> Your demod uses javascript and I don't really want to use javascript.
>> Apparently it is more open to hacking than just plain PHP/MySQL.  ??
>> Also, I seem to have things going fairly well - it's a neat way to learn
>> coding, especially when adjusting for things you hadn't planned in
>> advance, like if the user forgets to enter data or doesn't click on the
>> radio button. And then implementing the warnings and reloading (or not
>> reloading the page) to keep the data entered upon omission or
>> unacceptable entries. Get's hairy sometimes, but it's quite
>> enlightening. ;-)
> Come-on, my demo uses a single javascript routine to ask the user IF
> they want to delete something. If javascript is turned off, my demo
> still works. This is just an example of enhancement with graceful
> degradation. It has nothing to do with the demo other than that.
> The point of my showing you the demo was to simply suggest that you
> forgo the checkboxes and go straight to the "Search" entry. After all,
> that tells you everything you want to know about what the user wants
> to do, right?
> Why have the user click a checkbox showing that they want to search
> for a book title and then also have then enter in the book title? Why
> not just have them enter the book title and be done with it?
> It might serve you well to rethink what you are wanting to do.
> Cheers,
> tedd
Oh, Ok. Will check it out then. :-)  At worst, I'll set it up and see
how it plays....  ooooooh, well... another lesson to learn... ;-)

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