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> Ashley Sheridan wrote:
> > On Sun, 2009-05-17 at 14:48 -0400, tedd wrote:
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> >> At 10:48 AM +0100 5/16/09, Ashley Sheridan wrote:
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> >>> Trust me, semantics are gonna be the next big thing,
> >>>       
> >> Semantics?
> >>
> >> What do you mean by that?
> >>
> >> And therein lies the problem -- what means something to me, may not to you.
> >>
> >> For example, if I make my header <div id="header"> (or whatever) what 
> >> makes it the same as yours?
> >>
> >> I think the next big thing will be an argument over meaning.  :-)
> >>
> >> Cheers,
> >>
> >> tedd
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> > I don't mean using id attributes that appear to have meaning, but using
> > the proper tags to mark up content. That's things like <abbr> and
> > <acronym> tags for abbreviations and acronyms respectively, tables for
> > tabular data and lists for list data, quote tags for quotations, etc.
> >
> > What you mention does have some merit to it though, as microformats are
> > an idea to use the class attribute to classify data in certain ways,
> > like <span class="date"> or <span class="author"> etc, although I'm not
> > sure how well these work!
> >
> >
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> Ok, guy, enough is enough.
> I started this thread in the hope of finding some sanity in CSS, but it
> looks like that is about as likely to happen as the very logic or non
> logic of CSS.
> I anyone knows where there is a real source of information about CSS,
> how to use it with logical explanations of what is used how, I sure
> would like to hear aboutit.
> So far, I see the most absurd logic to CSS that I have seen anywhere.
> Surely I must be wrong but there must be a logical explanation why such
> simple things as a <div id="some_thing> will show the first of three
> <img>s as being part of the div tag and the rest not - but rather as
> part of <body>.
> If you put a box around the div tag, it includes the first image but not
> the next two.
> Putting 5 images of 98px width not only shows four in linewitht the
> fifth is off by the margin-top height but also displays the images in a
> reverse order. How do you explain that? And how do you get it to do what
> you want?
> And what about all the weird CSS configurations that are not documented
> anywhere I could find in a reasonable time - where are the definitions
> for form positioning and displaying? What do such definitions signify:
> "form div fieldset label.labelCheckbox, form div fieldset
> label.labelRadio {..."
> and - "form div input.inputText, form div input.inputPassword {..."
> I thought that form would be subservient to div or is it the opposite?
> Where is the information on this, where did these constructs come from?
> The clarity of information on CSS is preposterously absurd.
> I would like to understand this stuff but what process do you have to go
> through to get CSS to place object, text etc. in an understandable
> way... I have tried the display, clear, overflow and god -knows-what but
> serious layouts seem almost impossible.
> And as glorious as people may think this zen garden is, I have always
> found it rather banal. I don't see anything particularly difficult in
> it... try to place images, with text, graphics and db tables (not html)
> and place them accurately --- it is a seemingly impossible task.
> I waste more time trying to figure out why things don't work than I do
> in creativity/productivity.
> And I don't even give 2 hoots for IE... if people find it too difficult
> to download and install and use Firefox... then, too bad. Anything that
> is non-M$ is better, particularly since it is almost always free.
Firstly this is a PHP list, so CSS questions are more than likely to
deviate like this!

I'm guessing the trouble might be a float issue. Do you have an example
online which we could peruse?


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