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> Marc Christopher Hall wrote:
> > and so I don't feel like a complete ass
> >
> > http://jeffhowden.com/code/css/forms/ 
> >  
> >
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> > http://www.eset.com
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> Funny, you should mention it... been there, done that...
> actually, that was one of the sites I had in mind... nice examples but
> there is no explanation of where it comes from and what it means... I
> have found no clear references to this type of stuff on w3org or any
> manuals. :-(

Ahem. The CSS used is at the bottom of the page, and the code (HTML)
itself is viewable by "View Page Source" in your browser. It's all there
for you to peruse. Of course, this assumes a fair knowledge of CSS,
which you would have to obtain elsewhere. (Although, I have to say, this
example goes pretty far in illustrating how CSS works.)


Paul M. Foster

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