> Unfortunately, I don't think there's a *good* solution to the 
> "distributed
> server vs. session" problem which doesn't use a replicated database.
> Because there's no guarantee of NFS writes being successful (or reads
> either, depending on where a problem may arise) and rsync must be
> periodically run (very fine granularity is needed for 
> distributing session
> data), neither of these is really an option.
> Thoughts from anybody else out there?

I'll leave it to you to decide if this is "good" for you or not, but here is
how we are doing file-based sessions on a load-balanced web farm. We use the
F5 BigIP load balancer. It sets a cookie on the first page request. The
cookie identifies which particular server in the farm handled the request.
For all requests, the F5 looks for the cookie. If it is there, the request
goes to the server so identified. So, all requests in a particular session
get routed to the server that has the session file.

Requires cookies!


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