On Fri, 6 Jul 2001, Daniel Baldoni wrote:

> G'day folks,
> Here's a theoretical question for those of you using PHP's inbuilt session
> facilities...
>       How do you "keep" your variables across redundant servers?  Or,
>       isn't anybody out there hosting PHP-based services on grouped
>       servers?

You are right, by default PHP stores session data in /tmp, but there are
ways to change this. First of all, rsync seems to be the least reliable
method, nfs seems better (i would not try it though). I have seen
session-handling implemented with postgresql (and i think porting it on
mysql isn't that hard...). You may want to take a look at


Also see http://freshmeat.net/search/?q=php+session, there are a few
implementations of db storage for sessions.

Needless to say, having sessions stored on a database makes them available
across a cluster.


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