Daniel Baldoni wrote:

>G'day folks,
>Here's a theoretical question for those of you using PHP's inbuilt session
>       How do you "keep" your variables across redundant servers?  Or,
>       isn't anybody out there hosting PHP-based services on grouped
>       servers?
>My question may reflect a lack of understanding on just how PHP's sessions
>work, but (bear with me a moment) I thought that session variables were
>simply stored in a local file-store (default: /tmp).
>Are people using NFS-shared directories, rsync (or some other method of
>keeping such areas synchronised), or are all "redundant" sites using
>home-grown session handling?

Our own experience is that the PHP method to define custom session 
handlers is broken -
'write' doesn't work.  At least in earlier versions (4.0.0, 4.0.1, for 
sure). We've no real
need to go back, because we're written our own which server our purpose 
just fine.  Even if
you're working on just one server, it's often handy to be able to do an 
SQL call to 'view' some
of the raw session data.

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