tedd wrote:
> At 2:08 PM -0400 6/4/09, PJ wrote:
>> Nitsan Bin-Nun wrote:
>>>  >From my experience I tend to use a difference ID for the body tag,
>>> for
>>>  instance <body id='homepage'> and then format it in my CSS using ID
>>>  reference:
>>>  #homepage .classname {
>>>        color: blue;
>>>  }
>>>  This way you can use a default format for all the pages and create
>>> minor (or
>>>  major) changes in the theme in no time :)
>>>  I would also suggest to attach the CSS filename reference at the
>>> <head> tag
>>>  the update time of the file, so that the browser will automatically
>>> update
>>>  the cache of the CSS whenever you decide to edit it.
>>>  Just my 2 cents ;)
>> Oh, I think it's worth a lot more than that.
>> I just installed IE 8 just to have it for verification. It's no better
>> than IE 6. I never use them personally.
>> But how do you produce interesting web pages to look well on both
>> without making stupid compromises. What looks well on Firefox, looks
>> like MSshit on IE.
> The way you do it is to keep it simple.
> If you use a different style sheet for every page, then not only does
> that cause more load times, but it confuses the Hell out of things, in
> my opinion.
> Style sheets are meant simplify things so decide on how you want
> things to look uniformly throughout your site and then stick with it.
> There's really no good reason to keep changing things throughout a site.
> Cheers,
> tedd
Maybe I'm just too complicated. ;-)
I do try to keep it simple. But then, little things creep in, like a
login box on the index page which mucks up all the other pages. Then
there is a recipe page which is totally different, yet to keep is
stylistically continuous it uses a similar layout to the other pages but
different. The same for the main recipe page, and the same for the
portraits of producers - all the pages are different yet remain within a
cohesive style. CSS gets super bloated and almost unamageable. Most
sites are very repetitive; mine tend to be "provocative" or semthing
like that. I really don't see an ooption. Although, Nitsan's body tags
sound promising. I'll have to try that; maybe the solution is to do a
series of definitions unique just fo certain pages. :-)

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