PJ wrote:
> tedd wrote:
>> At 3:58 PM -0400 6/4/09, PJ wrote:
>>> tedd wrote:
>>>  > Style sheets are meant simplify things so decide on how you want
>>>>  things to look uniformly throughout your site and then stick with it.
>>>>  There's really no good reason to keep changing things throughout a
>>>> site.
>>>>  Cheers,
>>>>  tedd
>>> Maybe I'm just too complicated. ;-)
>>> I do try to keep it simple. But then, little things creep in, like a
>>> login box on the index page which mucks up all the other pages. Then
>>> there is a recipe page which is totally different, yet to keep is
>>> stylistically continuous it uses a similar layout to the other pages but
>>> different. The same for the main recipe page, and the same for the
>>> portraits of producers - all the pages are different yet remain within a
>>> cohesive style. CSS gets super bloated and almost unamageable. Most
>>> sites are very repetitive; mine tend to be "provocative" or semthing
>>> like that. I really don't see an ooption. Although, Nitsan's body tags
>>> sound promising. I'll have to try that; maybe the solution is to do a
>>> series of definitions unique just fo certain pages. :-)
>> That's simply an example of not thinking things out before you write
>> the code.
>> First you figure out a layout, then you populate it. You don't pick a
>> layout, populate it and then change the layout. That leads to a
>> lackluster and "lack of thought" site.
>> Cheers,
>> tedd
> If only it were that simple.
> When one is developing, one is always changing. And even when you're
> finally "live and on the air", you will still be changing or else your
> site will die before your client gets a chance to see all you can offer.
> It's a matter of evolution and adaptation, Darwin. ;-)

Agree with PJ here:
More likely, you go live and the boss says "Can you make that look more like 
"Er, yes, but it totally stuffs the whole design..."

Evolution was *not* carefully thought out - that would be Intelligent Design 

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