tedd wrote:
> At 3:58 PM -0400 6/4/09, PJ wrote:
>> tedd wrote:
>>  > Style sheets are meant simplify things so decide on how you want
>>>  things to look uniformly throughout your site and then stick with it.
>>>  There's really no good reason to keep changing things throughout a
>>> site.
>>>  Cheers,
>>>  tedd
>> Maybe I'm just too complicated. ;-)
>> I do try to keep it simple. But then, little things creep in, like a
>> login box on the index page which mucks up all the other pages. Then
>> there is a recipe page which is totally different, yet to keep is
>> stylistically continuous it uses a similar layout to the other pages but
>> different. The same for the main recipe page, and the same for the
>> portraits of producers - all the pages are different yet remain within a
>> cohesive style. CSS gets super bloated and almost unamageable. Most
>> sites are very repetitive; mine tend to be "provocative" or semthing
>> like that. I really don't see an ooption. Although, Nitsan's body tags
>> sound promising. I'll have to try that; maybe the solution is to do a
>> series of definitions unique just fo certain pages. :-)
> That's simply an example of not thinking things out before you write
> the code.
> First you figure out a layout, then you populate it. You don't pick a
> layout, populate it and then change the layout. That leads to a
> lackluster and "lack of thought" site.
> Cheers,
> tedd
If only it were that simple.
When one is developing, one is always changing. And even when you're
finally "live and on the air", you will still be changing or else your
site will die before your client gets a chance to see all you can offer.
It's a matter of evolution and adaptation, Darwin. ;-)

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