At 4:54 PM -0400 6/4/09, PJ wrote:
tedd wrote:
 > That's simply an example of not thinking things out before you write
 the code.

 First you figure out a layout, then you populate it. You don't pick a
 > layout, populate it and then change the layout.
If only it were that simple.
When one is developing, one is always changing. And even when you're
finally "live and on the air", you will still be changing or else your
site will die before your client gets a chance to see all you can offer.
It's a matter of evolution and adaptation, Darwin. ;-)

I understand clients changing their minds in mid-stream and wanting things to be different. That's Okay, because they pay for it -- PROVIDED -- that a meeting of the minds was made with the last layout.

So, before any change is made to the current layout, an agreement must be made as to what that change is going to be. Anything else (i.e., let's see if I like it) is going to be very time consuming on your part.



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