Tony Marston wrote:
> I do not follows rules which cannot be justified beyond the expression "It 
> is there, so obey it!" Why is it there? What are the alternatives? What harm 
> does it do? What happens if the rule is disobeyed?
Damn, isn't life frustrating... in case no one has noticed, 99 % of the
rules we have in society are made by idiots and power hungry dimwits...
how often do you see a politician or "leader" who is an intelligent
person, let alone an "intellectual" ?

Hate to say it, but "top posting" is about as rrelevant to our exixtence
as a bacterial fart. :-D
>  Top posting existed in 
> the early days of the internet, and for a logical reason. Then some arrogant 
> prat came along and said "I don't like this, so I am going to make a rule 
> which forbids it!". I don't like this rule, so I choose to disobey it.

Hervé Kempf: "Pour sauver la planète, sortez du capitalisme."
Phil Jourdan ---

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