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> At 2:22 PM -0400 7/9/09, HallMarc Websites wrote:
>>  As far as anyone going against convention,
>>seems to me that people who think outside the box, go against convention,
>>break the rules, whatever are the ones who keep life interesting and
>>occasionally help us find something new. I would hate to live in a real 
>>"Stepford Wives" existence.
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> Marc:
> True, one of the things that makes life interesting are those who think 
> outside "the box", but for some of us "the box" is a bit less obvious and 
> requires more thought.
> When someone wants to argue a point, the point should be worth arguing. 
> This argument is akin to saying "I don't like calling today 'Thursday' --  
> I think that's stupid! So, I'll call it 'MyDay' instead". While that would 
> certainly be thinking outside "the box", it would also not be worth 
> debating.

Yet another fatuous argument. "Thursday" has never been called "Myday", so I 
would never propose such a thing. Top posting is different for the simple 
reason that it existed in other newsgroups long before this group started, 
and I object to being forced to change my posting methods on nothing more 
than a whim.

Tony Marston

> I wish my life was so simple that I could raise issue with things like 
> this, but my life requires more cerebral windmills to tilt.
> One of the things I've learned in my over 60 years, is to pick the battles 
> that are worth fighting and let other contentions pass. In the wise, 
> beyond their years, words of the Beatles "Let it be."
> Cheers,
> tedd
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