"Still Learnin'" <ssski...@gmail.com> wrote in message 
> Tony Marston wrote:
>> I have no respect for anyone who wastes time in trying to force others to 
>> obey their petty rules.
> ...
>> The whole point about this particlar rule is that it has no purpose other 
>> than to force everybody to conform to somebody's idea of perfection.
> You've been told more than twice, it isn't an arbitrary rule. It isn't
> a petty rule. It isn't about perfection.

It is arbitrary. It is petty. It is about someone's idea of perfection.

> It's about clarity. So that the threaded archives are intelligible
> instead of jumbled. So that the post-by-post emails properly read from
> top to bottom.

That's why other newsgroups allow top posting because the response in each 
post is at the top, where the newsreader starts, so you don't have to scroll 
over the text of the previous post to get to the important stuff.

If a thread contained 30 posts would you really want the text of all 30 
contained in the same message? How difficult would it be to separate one 
message from another?

> It's also about courtesy, not dropping dingleberries dozens or scores
> of lines long (and some of you others could stand to snip the extraneous
> even though you do properly bottom-post).

So what are the rules about snipping then?

Tony Marston

> Like has been said: if you don't play by the playground rules, don't
> be surprised if the other kids don't want to play with you.
> SL

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