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 As far as anyone going against convention,
seems to me that people who think outside the box, go against convention,
break the rules, whatever are the ones who keep life interesting and
occasionally help us find something new. I would hate to live in a real life
"Stepford Wives" existence.

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True, one of the things that makes life interesting are those who think outside "the box", but for some of us "the box" is a bit less obvious and requires more thought.

When someone wants to argue a point, the point should be worth arguing. This argument is akin to saying "I don't like calling today 'Thursday' -- I think that's stupid! So, I'll call it 'MyDay' instead". While that would certainly be thinking outside "the box", it would also not be worth debating.

I wish my life was so simple that I could raise issue with things like this, but my life requires more cerebral windmills to tilt.

One of the things I've learned in my over 60 years, is to pick the battles that are worth fighting and let other contentions pass. In the wise, beyond their years, words of the Beatles "Let it be."



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