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> Robert Cummings wrote:
> > I understand where you're coming from, and I've been on the same road
> > before with PHP bug reports. And while I remember being really annoyed,
> > especially when it turned out to actually be a bug, I have to say if you
> > define your case clearly and state where either the documentation isn't
> > clear enough, or the code works in an unexpected fashion, then they will
> > usually give it the due consideration. Don't forget nobody is being paid
> > to handle bug reports, it's all on a volunteer basis and I'm quite
> > certain they get oodles of real bogus bugs.
> Hi,
> I suggest anyone with a casual interest in understanding where php
> developers who respond to bugs are coming from, just read the reports
> and comments as they come through the php-bugs list (php.bugs on the
> news server).
> Watch how many obvious bugs with issues (i.e. bogus bugs) come through,
> and note what the rate of mis-judgements by the devs responding to bugs
> is, it is very very low, but not 0%.
> You'll also notice Jani responds to almost everything, either assigning
> it to someone, or closing the ones he sees as obvious for one reason or
> another.
> You'll also notice that both he and users can be far more acidic than
> the canned responses, and yes - if you have a suggestion for improving a
> canned response, it will be taken seriously.

I have to agree with the canned response. You've got volunteers working
to produce one of the most-used languages on the web. The canned
response saves time and gets the point across-- it's a feature, not a
bug (from the viewpoint of the developers). Cut them some slack.

On the other hand, I disagree with PHPs behavior with respect to the
CLI. I can see that behavior in a web environment, but not with the CLI.
Per's right that in a *nix environment, the default behavior is to honor
the environment locale settings. Having to set the locale within a CLI
is silly and counterintuitive with respect to *nix applications. I can't
speak for Windows here.


Paul M. Foster

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