mrfroasty wrote:

> Hello,
> I need some advice in picking a PHP forum for a group of people, I know
> there are couple of them but could somebody from here give advice on
> which one to choose.
> ***My strongest requirements I need localization support, as that
> software might need to be translated into a language other than English.
> ***Also the software should be a little bit easy to use, interms of
> administration as the clients computer literacy isnt so high enough.
> ***LAMP based software please.... :-)
> ***ofcourse open source software... :-P
> I know this phpBB, but what are other options?I have never played with a
> forum before.
> Thanks for the input...
> GR
> mrfroasty

Have a look at the assortment of forums (fora?) at

They have sandbox sites that you can play with and get a feel for the

David Robley

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