At 7:44 PM -0700 8/5/09, Michael A. Peters wrote:
Miller, Terion wrote:
Shawn you know repeatedly have been nothing but an asshole to me on this list, I have said before I'm not a php programmer, I was a front end designer, need graphics , need a css layout...see me....need backend programming..I'm trying...
Stop being such a egomaniacal dickhead, a social life may do you good.

If your job description does not include php development, and they are asking you to do it, then ask them to pay for the necessary books for you to learn PHP or do not accept the assignment, pointing out that you are not a PHP developer.

If you job description includes php development, then you need to know what you are doing.

Yeah, that's a bit like your employer saying "Here's a gun, shoot the bad guys."

First, you don't know how to shoot a gun and second you don't know who the bad guys are. That's a recipe for disaster.




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