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> Thanks Jaime,
> very nice, but I'm a programmer since 1982 and into OOP since 1988 with the
> outcome if IBM's C++ compiler on the OS2 platform.
> Don't u think it could be reasonable to ask if such an overhead IN PHP is
> necessary?
> does anybody agree that PHP might be the wrong language to accomplish such
> a
> designpattern. Specialy if I find classes about interpreting things.
> Don't u think to blow up a servers memonry just to have a nice little
> framework could be ask?
> Don't u think it makes sence to remember that PHP is just to output a
> simple
> text file?
> Has inbedween all the OOP ability everybody forgotten that this is the
> simple purpose?
> Are there anybody who understands that PHP is an INTERPRETING language and
> has anybody an idear what is the amount of code running to do a simple
> $something = new object();
> versus echo $something
> Design pattern are very good, standarizing even better. but would u agree
> that, out of Martins presented work, u can not see the how AND how fast the
> code is created to output the header the head and body and all other tags.
> What I can see, the result will be a lot of code, lots of includes for a
> view bytes.
> For me, wrong language with unneccesary overhead.
> as i can see there must be some more folks out there thinking  a bit
> similar, or why is the feetback so relatively poor.
> and at least u create design pattern for a PURPOSE.
> so again for what pupose are this overhead in PHP
> As long as nobody tells me for what benefit this work is done I would say
> the design pattern should be done in other packages ready made for that
> with
> an PHP output.
> this would not affect any server resources.
> now after more then 25 years behind the keyboard I got possibly a bit
> thumb.
> lets open the discussion.

since the 1980's, another advent has come about, called cheap memory, and
cpu's.  so the answer is no, nobody cares about how many cycles it
takes to instantiate a new class in php.  for those who do, they can
go off and code apps based on sets of global functions or straight
proceedural code, as php supports them all.

if you're writing an app in todays world of fast cheap hardware, where
you're concerned about the number of cycles it takes to instantiate an
object being too high; i suppose you should be considering something
like C++ for said app.

also, it stands to reason that since nobody cares about the object creation
overhead, that the very next thing the community will do after getting
classes in their language is reach out to design patterns.  just as GoF and
you did back in the day, w/ the advent of objc/C++ coming out after having
lived through years of C.


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