Ralph Deffke wrote:
funny then that I see here serious people discussing the benefit of
shortening code and cutting out commends.

maby thats a general problem of our society that everybody think higher
cheaper faster. this will have a limit guys !!! u can not go smaler then an

funny as well that I make my main money in optimizing code to speed and low
server resources. Im one of the old guys who can do both hardware and
software and I'm telling u this is suspect to me. I still can build a
computer from board and powersupply upward.

looks like that u joung guys got a little dream implementet by ur profs. Did
u know that the industry is complaining that the engeneers coming from the
universities are useless for business? a big complain! the real world is
different. Hosting companies will always try to keep a server machine as
long as they can, because a paid server DOES MAKE MONEY. so where is then
the cheap and fast server. how many servers out there still running on PHP4?
have u thouhgt about?

again, design pattern make sence, but on a companies policy base or on a
medium upwards sized project. but there will be more languages be involved
in one company it would be much better to use a language independent tool.

again this is chasing mice with an elephant

Except for incompetent algorithms, it is almost always cheaper to throw money at a new server than to have a coder micro optimize his/her code. Similarly, it is usually cheaper to throw more hardware at a well programmed solution that uses modern programming concepts than to have a programmer use the most rudimentary of programming techniques to save on cycles.

With respect to why you see "shortening of code and cutting out comments", perhaps you are referring to the recent Calendar thread, where a bunch of us were just having some good old optimization fun. I for one enjoy the occasional diversion of optimizing some code just for the sake of optimizing it. Sometimes even, the optimization is even the cleanest/most readable solution.

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