funny then that I see here serious people discussing the benefit of
shortening code and cutting out commends.

maby thats a general problem of our society that everybody think higher
cheaper faster. this will have a limit guys !!! u can not go smaler then an

funny as well that I make my main money in optimizing code to speed and low
server resources. Im one of the old guys who can do both hardware and
software and I'm telling u this is suspect to me. I still can build a
computer from board and powersupply upward.

looks like that u joung guys got a little dream implementet by ur profs. Did
u know that the industry is complaining that the engeneers coming from the
universities are useless for business? a big complain! the real world is
different. Hosting companies will always try to keep a server machine as
long as they can, because a paid server DOES MAKE MONEY. so where is then
the cheap and fast server. how many servers out there still running on PHP4?
have u thouhgt about?

again, design pattern make sence, but on a companies policy base or on a
medium upwards sized project. but there will be more languages be involved
in one company it would be much better to use a language independent tool.

again this is chasing mice with an elephant

"Nathan Nobbe" <> wrote in message
> On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 8:09 AM, Ralph Deffke <>
> > Thanks Jaime,
> >
> > very nice, but I'm a programmer since 1982 and into OOP since 1988 with
> > outcome if IBM's C++ compiler on the OS2 platform.
> >
> > Don't u think it could be reasonable to ask if such an overhead IN PHP
> > necessary?
> >
> > does anybody agree that PHP might be the wrong language to accomplish
> > a
> > designpattern. Specialy if I find classes about interpreting things.
> >
> > Don't u think to blow up a servers memonry just to have a nice little
> > framework could be ask?
> >
> > Don't u think it makes sence to remember that PHP is just to output a
> > simple
> > text file?
> >
> > Has inbedween all the OOP ability everybody forgotten that this is the
> > simple purpose?
> >
> > Are there anybody who understands that PHP is an INTERPRETING language
> > has anybody an idear what is the amount of code running to do a simple
> >
> > $something = new object();
> >
> > versus echo $something
> >
> > Design pattern are very good, standarizing even better. but would u
> > that, out of Martins presented work, u can not see the how AND how fast
> > code is created to output the header the head and body and all other
> >
> > What I can see, the result will be a lot of code, lots of includes for a
> > view bytes.
> >
> > For me, wrong language with unneccesary overhead.
> >
> > as i can see there must be some more folks out there thinking  a bit
> > similar, or why is the feetback so relatively poor.
> >
> > and at least u create design pattern for a PURPOSE.
> >
> > so again for what pupose are this overhead in PHP
> > As long as nobody tells me for what benefit this work is done I would
> > the design pattern should be done in other packages ready made for that
> > with
> > an PHP output.
> >
> > this would not affect any server resources.
> >
> > now after more then 25 years behind the keyboard I got possibly a bit
> > thumb.
> > lets open the discussion.
> since the 1980's, another advent has come about, called cheap memory, and
> fast
> cpu's.  so the answer is no, nobody cares about how many cycles it
> takes to instantiate a new class in php.  for those who do, they can
> go off and code apps based on sets of global functions or straight
> proceedural code, as php supports them all.
> if you're writing an app in todays world of fast cheap hardware, where
> you're concerned about the number of cycles it takes to instantiate an
> object being too high; i suppose you should be considering something
> like C++ for said app.
> also, it stands to reason that since nobody cares about the object
> overhead, that the very next thing the community will do after getting
> classes in their language is reach out to design patterns.  just as GoF
> you did back in the day, w/ the advent of objc/C++ coming out after having
> lived through years of C.
> -nathan

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