At 12:32 PM -0400 8/13/09, Robert Cummings wrote:
With respect to why you see "shortening of code and cutting out comments", perhaps you are referring to the recent Calendar thread, where a bunch of us were just having some good old optimization fun. I for one enjoy the occasional diversion of optimizing some code just for the sake of optimizing it. Sometimes even, the optimization is even the cleanest/most readable solution.


I agree with Rob.

I would even venture to say that optimization, such as in our calendar exercise, has nothing to do with the speed of the code but rather the cleanest/most readable solution.

One can certainly say "This one runs faster" but what does that matter when we are dealing with a one time operation that takes milliseconds, or less, to run?

The real savings here is seen in maintainability. How well can the next programmer (who might be you) figure out what the code is doing? The time I spend reviewing code is billable. You want to save money, then hire programmers who write clean and easy to understand code. Cryptic crap does not mean that you're a clever programmer, it only shows that you don't know any better.




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