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> Subject: [PHP] I'm not crazy I swear it... IE vs Safari and Firefox -
> The impossible!
> One of our products allows you to "mail merge" using an uploaded data
> file and have the results emailed to the recipients. IE works fine,
> always has. Firefox at some point started having the data "disappear"
> halfway through the merge and now the most recent version of Safari
> ALSO has the data disappear halfway through the merge. This means that
> users of Macs don't really have any options where before at least we
> could point them to Firefox. (Not our favorite option but at least it
> worked)
> Here's the process:
> 1. Menu of what type of merge you want to do. (Initialize working
> table)
> 2. Process Data File (Initialize working table and then load in new
> data)
> 3. Build Email
> 4. Send out Email
> Matt Neimeyer
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[Dewey Williams]

No answers - just more questions to maybe point you in a direction you
haven't been............
Is it possible that the query/script is taking too long to build the
response page and FireFox/Safari is asking for an empty query result?

You mention MySQL but is there any JavaScript involved in the
data/result set.  I am not a JS expert, but there could be differences
in IE/FF/Saf JavaScript that could cause this.

When you duplicate this with your data and get the error response, does
the script show a records in the response query, even though it reports
no records?

Sorry but no definitive answers...

Dewey Williams

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