> In circumstances like this, I would "instrument" the code with
> echo/print statements all around where you think the problem is.

We did that with no luck. We only saw one call to the initialize
function which is why I switched to tracer emails because we "knew"
the initialize function was "the only possible explanation" but
couldn't prove it based on any output to the browser.

> As with other responders, I have to say that if you're doing the
> processing on the server, it doesn't make any sense.

> Um... one other wild possibility I almost hate to mention. I don't
> recall if you mentioned whether your server was running Windows or not.

I did not mention... Sorry... according to phpinfo() it's PHP 5.2.5 on
Apache/2.0.52 on CentOS under Plesk 8.2.0. SELECT version() on MySQL
reports 4.1.20-log. The MySQL API version in phpinfo() is 4.1.20. If
it matters from what I can tell the entire "toolchain" is 64-bit (for
example the php configure command reports

> But I wouldn't put it past Microsoft to barf under certain circumstances
> if the user agent (browser) isn't IE.

Neither would I... but unless I have to for some other reason I prefer
PHP 5+, MySQL 5+, Apache 2+ and a *nix of some flavor for my web
serving needs.


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