From: Matt Neimeyer

> So far... I can reliably reproduce the problem in Firefox on Windows
> and Mac, Safari on Windows and Mac. But Chrome and IE appear to be
> unaffected.
>> Finally, have you reproduced the problem while watching the network
>> activity using something like tcpdump or Firebug's "Net" tab?
> While I'm familiar with the concepts... :) I have not... this is the
> first problem I've had which could not be directly traced to
> problematic code (php syntax or logic errors, mysql query errors,
> problems with database optimizations, etc)

I would set up Wireshark to capture and compare the http sequences from
each browser. After you capture each stream, use the "Follow TCP Stream"
option to look at the raw HTTP. If it is the browsers, there should be
some obvious differences in the sequence of requests from them.

Bob McConnell

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