> Hello Andrea,
> I am developing with PHP since now 12 years (did a couple stuff in
> Zend Core), and was one of a few guy using and sharing about php when
> it was only an THE Apache mode in the world C++ CGI, I am not Zend
> Certified, I won't :),  anyway those things make me smarter or give me
> the "truth" or the right to be a jerk?,

Which part is jerk, people starting replying without even looking for 1 minute 
the project page?

People saying: what's wrong with set_error_handler, ignoring it does not catch 
all errors?

Or people saying: if nobody did before it means it should not be done, as if 
the programming world and all ideas ended years ago?

I wrote my skills summary just to tell you: hey guys, I am not the last arrived 
here, so do not threat me as a noob please, OK?

I prefer answers such: I am using this other program, application, strategy, 
and I do not need it
rather then people writing unrelated stuff or linking pages that perfectly 
represent the Formaldehyde scenario but they did not even spend a minute to 
read what Formaldehyde is so proud of theirself and their intuition ... right? 
They confirmed they did not read, so WTF?

I was expecting somebody that develop massive Ajax application, not a link with 
3 pages and zero point about the reply.

> you came here to claim that you were right not to discuss, what did
> you expect?, if you want to discuss we can, but I can tell you I don't
> share your points at all, it is not my way to  code in scripting
> language. back to silence.
> Best

I never discuss if I do not know what I am discussing about, this is my only 


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