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> At 10:49 PM +0200 9/13/09, Andrea Giammarchi wrote:
>> I was expecting somebody that develop massive Ajax application, not a link
>> with 3 pages and zero point about the reply.
> You asked if anyone did any ajax? So, I replied and provided you with an
> example.
> Who cares if my example only has three pages? It could be hundreds -- the
> technique scales.
> In all fairness Tedd, your example is a bit of a joke. Send some JSON back
and forth, do some database queries, and use a webservice all at the same
time. Your AJAX calls won't be so simple then.

I think the point of Andrea's project is to make debugging easier. Just like
firebug and Charles do in their own respect. Is it something you can do
without? Yes, especially if you have  a great development environment set
up. Is is something that could make inspecting what is getting thrown around
in your AJAX calls and the PHP errors that occur easier? Yes, especially
when sending JSON or remote object calls.

Charles is a great tool when doing Flash and Flex remoting, and AJAX. I have
the impression that Andrea's tool is perhaps doing something similar, but
taking it a step further. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but I think it is
difficult to write off as useless.

In any event, I provided you an example that does not need your debugger --
> it works and works good.
> But then you get all testy because I did not read your documentation. I
> never said I did AND there was never any requirement for me to do so before
> posting. I was simply replying to your question.
> But instead of establishing a constructive line of communication, you start
> off my criticizing me because I didn't read your documentation.
> You ask not to be treated as a noob, but you come in here telling others
> where to get off and bragging about your credentials (as if the rest of us
> can't do better) -- I'm not sure who you think you are, but you sure act
> like an noob.
> If nothing else, you have a lot to learn about making a point.
> tedd
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