At 7:28 AM +0200 9/14/09, J DeBord wrote:
 In all fairness Tedd, your example is a bit of a joke. Send some JSON back
and forth, do some database queries, and use a webservice all at the same
time. Your AJAX calls won't be so simple then.

Okay, so my work is a joke. Been there, done that before and will do it again.

However, I offered it as an example as someone on this list using ajax, which if you will read the thread, you will see that he asked the question if anyone used ajax. I replied with my joke.

Sorry that my example doesn't live up to your expectations. But then again, you really don't know what my example does, do you? Sure, you see the ajax side of it, but that's really all you see, isn't that right? Maybe it has some other redeeming properties that you have failed to consider?

While it's a joke, in all fairness, it does work.


Charles is a great tool when doing Flash and Flex remoting, and AJAX. I have
the impression that Andrea's tool is perhaps doing something similar, but
taking it a step further. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but I think it is
difficult to write off as useless.

If you really want to be fair about this -- how about you show me where me where I said his debugger was useless? You claimed I did, so in all fairness you should be able to prove it. In fact, how about you showing me anywhere where I said anything negative about his debugger? That would be fair, right?

Also while you are at it, how about reading the entire thread and see how I came involved in the first place. After all, we all want to be be "fair" about this, right?

In all fairness, I think if someone followed this thread and saw the sequence of events, a fair minded individual might come away with a different perspective and claims than you did.

Sometimes I wonder why I try to help people in the first place.



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