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I wonder if massive uploads, like the ones you're coding for, really
aren't that common. I can imagine hard-coding that 3600 myself, and
thinking, "no way someone's going to be uploading a single file for
longer than an hour, or even close to it."

me too, also because for a silly connection problem you could even re-start the upload from the scratch. I do not think HTTP and a POST form "as is" is suitable for these kind of tasks, I would rather think about a truly simple Desktop software, Python for portability or AutoIT if it is only for windows, able to split the file in chunks 2 Mb each and open a conversation with the server in order to be able to resume the upload if something goes wrong or if the user would like to.

With a desktop application you can send credentials and the SHA1 of the file in order to create it's ghost image on the server. Every chunk will be saved a part and when finished appended via file pointers to the main one. To allow a resume you simply need to communicate the current big file size / 2 Mb and you know which chunk needs to be uploaded.

It is more simple to do than to explain, if you got this basic example about how to proceed, but you need privileges over the file in order to create a SHA1 and read only chunks via pointer, rather than send everything in a shot.


Woo hoo!

Got php-apc patched and am testing now.

Good points about long downloads, but right now folks are using FTP and they don't like it or understand it. In a biz environment, connections are pretty stable, and usually fairly fast. This gives them a familiar interface to upload. Anyway, this was the spec I was given. Adding interruption recovery is a nice phase 2, upgrade.

I am just happy it is working now. The APC upload progress thing works great (above mentioned limitations aside). Long haul, but pretty slick in the end.

Thanks again for all y'alls help.


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