Phred White wrote:
He's baaaaack...

Well folks..

The good news is that APC and my upload progress is working! : )

The bad news is, ...kind of working.  : |

It does exactly what I want, but at 1 hour of progress-barring, it stops. I.e., APC stops returning a response for the given key. Whether the connection has allowed 100MB, 500MB or 1GB. The file actually continues to upload, for hours if necessary, and eventually gets there.

APC provides a sort of management page that lets you look at the APC status, including a listing of "User Cache Entries" which includes any still-valid upload keys, and any keys created via apc_add(). This listing includes a Timeout value, which is "none" for the apc_add keys and 3600 for the upload keys. Somewhat suspicious, I'd say, since the keys stop being working after 1 hour of use.

APC lets you set a number of timeout values: apc.gc_ttl, apc.user_ttl, apc.ttl. I have set all of these to be gianormous, but the upload key timeout value never changes.

I can't believe that this is an inherent limitation, or nobody would be using this. The Google claims people are using this for big uploads, so I should be able to. I have looked through Apache/unix to see if this limit refers to something set deeper in the system, but everything that I know of that I can loosen up, I have.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Phred

Are you using SESSIONS or COOKIES at all in this application?

If so, could it possibly be related to one or the others timeout configuration?

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