> upload keys, and any keys created via apc_add(). This listing includes a
> Timeout value, which is "none" for the apc_add keys and 3600 for the upload
> keys. Somewhat suspicious, I'd say, since the keys stop being working after
> 1 hour of use.
> APC lets you set a number of timeout values: apc.gc_ttl, apc.user_ttl,
> apc.ttl. I have set all of these to be gianormous, but the upload key
> timeout value never changes.
> I can't believe that this is an inherent limitation, or nobody would be
> using this. The Google claims people are using this for big uploads, so I

I've just had my first glance at the APC source code, so I could be
misreading something, but it appears that 3600 was hardcoded in until
about 3 weeks ago.

Here's the trunk commit that seems to have made that value configurable:


And there's a reference to a PECL bug in the commit message:


I have no idea when this change will trickle through to a production
build -- or if it already has, but I suspect not, because the
hardcoded 3600 was still present in the latest available source code
tarball at http://pecl.php.net/get/APC


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